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The one in which I talk about the two cardugans designs I am working on. Plus a brief discussion on symetrical and asymetrical stranded colorwork motifs.

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Finished! This pattern is sold as a stand alone pattern on Ravelry AND as part of a kit which includes the pattern, yarn, project bag, and access to 3 video on the construction of this colorful shawl. BTW, there are 6 hiden animals in the motif bands. Get your kit here.

New unnamed design

I have been working on a new design for a long rectangular shawl and most likely a cardigan. The pattern involves stranded colorwork techniques mixed with a bit of intarsia. I even threw in some knots...because I seemed to be opsessed with them right now.

Stranded Colorwork Discussion: Part 8











Adding New Colors. Finishing Old Colors

Adding new colors

One of the biggest occasions for blank looks from students is when the chart indicates the addition of a new color. The truth is…that adding new colors can be just a simple as just starting to knit with the new color. Once a few new stitches are worked, you can break off the old yarn leaving a 3-4 inch tail. Yes, this can cause loose stitches at the beginning of the round… for now, just give the old and new yarn a tug to snug them up. more...

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