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Stranded Knitting Episode 10:

Weaving Yarns to Cathc Long Floats

The episode in which I talk about and demonstrate how to weave yarns to catch long floats.


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Finished! This pattern is sold as a stand alone pattern on Ravelry AND as part of a kit which includes the pattern, yarn, project bag, and access to 3 video on the construction of this colorful shawl. BTW, there are 6 hiden animals in the motif bands. Get your kit here.


Stranded Colorwork Discussion: Part 7 











Reading Charts

Reading charts for stranded knitting is a bit different than reading chart for other types of knitting. For one thing, most are set up for knitting in the round. Secondly, while one square still represents one stitch, that stitch will most always be a knit stitch….as opposed to purl stitch, twisted stitch, knit into the back loop, yarn over, or any of myriad of other types of stitches.


Ok, you will see indications for some of the shaping stitches…k2tog, SSK, or central double decrease…in some stranded hats, mittens or waist shaping of a sweater…but on the whole, most stranded charts exist to let the knitter know what stitch is worked in what color. more...

I have been reworking this older design. a bit shorter. Narrower shoulder. Same motifs and colorway. Stay tuned for a re-release.

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Familiars - Tryon Peak - Brandon