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Aerion in the fog - square.jpg

Aerion Coat


You know those stories of simple village folk visited by a sorceress who appears out of the mists, shrouded in mystery? Her cloak is covered with ancient patterns that seem to protect her from all ills and warn her of all dangers. She is powerful and clever. A good person to have on your side. This is Aerion. Her coat can make you feel a bit mysterious while you weave your magic.


Fashioned in a kimono-style for easy wearing, this pattern uses a combination of stranded knitting, a touch of what looks like intarsia, and several dressmaking techniques. These techniques, combined with the characteristics of the Elemental Affects Shetland yarn, make a soft, warm, wearable, fantastic coat that can take you from the grocery store, to work or the theatre…or maybe to a small simple village you might need to protect!


Finished size:

Chest— 49.5 [53.25] ins.; 126 [135] cm

Length— 36 [44, 52] ins.; 91 [112, 132] cm


Note: There are two chest sizes and three lengths, so you can find one that will fit your size and style needs.


Gauge:  4”(10.16 cm) = 28 sts and 29 rnds



Yarn – Elemental Affects – Shetland, 100% American Shetland, 118 yd/28g (1 oz)


Shade A - Black - 21 skeins

Shade B - Teal - 5 skeins

Shade C - Agave  - 5 skeins

Shade D -  Ocean Wave - 2 skeins

Shade E - Sea Foam - 2 skeins

Shade F - Lime Juice - 2 skeins

Shade G - Sandalwood - 2 skeins

Shade H – Dusty Red - 4 skeins

Shade I - Scarlet - 5 skeins


Needles - US 5 (3.75mm) and US 4 (3.5mm). Each 32” or 40” length for body and preferred method of working small circumferences (i.e. 2 circulars, Magic Loop, or double pointed needles).


Stitch markers (including at least 1 locking marker), tapestry needle, small scissors.


About knitting from charts:

Charts are designed to be knitted from right to left, bottom to top. This means starting at the bottom right corner of the chart and working to the left and up. One square equals one stitch. Be sure to note how the stitches relate to each other.


An easy/low tech way to knit from a chart is to use a page-sized metal tablet with magnets. Place the magnet above the round you are working on and move it up revealing the next round as you progress through the chart. This way, the round you are working on is right below the magnet and you can see the relationship to the completed rounds below.


There is only one background color (BG) for the body of this design. The background shades for the borders of both the side splits and the front openings are indicated on the respective charts. Color changes for the pattern color are indicated on the right of the pattern chart, unless otherwise noted. A good practice is to check these changes as you start each round.

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Aerion Crown CU - square.jpg
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