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Jacques Stella's Tea

What do you wear when you are invited to have tea with an accomplished 17th century neo-classical artist? What do you drape across your chair while chatting with a man who was born in France, studied in Italy, worked for a Medici prince, and became the court painter for Louis XIII? A man who is said to have “embodied the Baroque sensibility”?  Easy! You bring out your drapey knitted stole adorned with motifs reminiscent of designs created by that very artist himself.


“Jacques Stella’s Tea” is a large rectangular stranded colorwork shawl worked in the round with steeks so the right side is always facing the knitter. The very Baroque designs are larger than traditional Fair Isle motifs, but can be broken down with the use of markers to make keeping track of your knitting easier.


For those who may not want such a long drapey stole or want more Baroque goodness, the length is adjustable.


Jacques Stella's Tea

  • Finished size: 101” (256cm) x 21” (53cm)

    Gauge: 4 in. (10.16 cm) = 23 sts and 28 rnds (colorwork, after blocking)


    Yarn – Elemental Affects - Shetland, 100% North American Shetland Wool, approx.118 yds/28 g (1 oz).

    Color A (Moorit):  -  11 skeins

    Color B (Periwinkle): -  10 skeins

    Color C (Dusty Red): -  3 skeins

    Needles - US 5 (3.75 mm) 32 in. circular needle. An additional needle (smaller size, any length) for picking up stitches.

    Stitch markers.


    k – knit                                    rnd(s) – round, rounds

    st (s) – stitch, stitches             st st = stockinette stitch

    p – purl                                   SM – slip marker

    PM – place marker   


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