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Wilkins is a family name. It belonged to a branch of the family who crossed the American Plains in the mid-19th century. Like others of that time, the Wilkins family left the East Coast for unseen lands in Oregon Territory, Intrepid. Tenacious. Hardworking.  All words to apply to those who crossed those seemingly endless Plains. This sweater is an homage to that pioneer spirt.


This classic pullover is knitted in the round with steeks at the armhole and neck openings. Neck shapings are worked in mirror images on either side of the front and back neck steeks. Sleeves are picked up around the armholes and worked from the top down to the wrist. Sleeve decreases are also worked in mirror images on either side of a central neutral stitch. Corrugated ribbing is used on both the bottom and sleeve edges.


You don’t have to be tenacious, hardworking or even intrepid to knit this sweater. The design is fairly straight forward, but do think of the pioneers as you pick up needles and yarn.



  • Finished size:


    A: 33.03 [B: 37.16, C: 41.29, D: 45.42, E: 49.55, F: 53.68] inches

    A: 83.9 [B: 94.39, C: 104.88, D: 115.37, E: 125.85, F: 136.34] centimeters


    Women’s A: 23 [B: 25, C: 27, D: 27, E: 29, F: 29] inches

    A: 58.42 [B: 53.5, C: 68.58, D: 73.66, E: 73.66, F: 73.66] centimeters