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The one in which I talk about weaving in floats as you turn corners...or go from one needle to another. This video accompanies Information Post 11.

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Finished! This pattern is sold as a stand alone pattern on Ravelry AND as part of a kit which includes the pattern, yarn, project bag, and access to 3 video on the construction of this colorful shawl. BTW, there are 6 hiden animals in the motif bands. Get your kit here.

Still unnamed design

This collection of grapes, vines, olives, and various knots has become a cardigan. I have been thinking about several names. Most pertaining to grpaes and wine. 

The name is the last step. I'm working on getting the pattern written currently. So stay tuned.

Stranded Colorwork Discussion: Part 11











Weaving in Floats from needdle to needle

The original title of this post was “Weaving Yarns…while turning corners.” Grant it may sound like another in the list of things you should not do while behind the wheel of an automobile, it actually refers to the possibility of evening tension at a vulnerable spot of a stranded knitting project.


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